June 2023

How Parkway maximised liquidity by scaling their engagement.

Learn how Bahay Ozcakmak (CEO) and the leadership team scaled their investor engagement to give all of their shareholders equal and fair access to management.

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Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Melbourne
Market cap: ~$26m

  • Problem.Parkway wanted to engage the individual investors who determine the share price without resorting to traditional IR services at extra cost.
  • Solution.By leveraging InvestorHub's highly efficient direct-to-investor platform, Parkway was able to engage investors at scale to measurably increase demand.
  • Impact.Within their first month with InvestorHub, Parkway already had thousands of hub views, hundreds of new shareholders and notable on-market demand.
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1 month
With InvestorHub.
Hub views.
New shareholders.
Shares traded.
"Using InvestorHub has enabled us to be able to reach out and ensure all shareholders are up to date with the company's activities and operations, and they have equal access to management to raise any concerns, questions and provide feedback."
Bahay OzcakmakCEO @ ASX:PWN

The future of investor relationships at scale.

From a once-a-year roadshow and a handful of investor meetings as the norm, public companies have observed that every announcement, digital interaction and company update is an opportunity to build shareholder relationships at scale with the right tools.

The (1) interactive investor hub centralises investor conversations in a company space where they can be scaled into broadly impactful interactions, and (2) investor analytics provides key points of context to drive meaningful investor interactions. Parkway utilises these features in their approach towards building an engaging ecosystem for investors to benefit from year-round.

Who is Parkway? What's their view of the world? Their priorities? Their concerns?

These are all valuable pieces of secondary information that provide investors with additional context, details about who they’re investing in, and most importantly, a consistent engagement cadence that fills the gaps between material news and ASX announcements throughout the year and always maintains a dialogue with investors.
"As a listed company, we normally put out major announcements and quarterly reports but there is often a lull between those updates and we found that InvestorHub has been quite helpful in putting out some additional news that relates to the company that might not meet the threshold for an ASX announcement".
Bahay OzcakmakCEO @ ASX:PWN

Building an ecosystem in action.

Here's how Parkway converted a single piece of newsflow (an independent research report) into several points of investor engagement that created a month-long dialogue with their shareholders and tangible on-market improvements in liquidity and shareholder growth.

2 JUNE 2023

Answering a question.

Parkway uses InvestorHub to answer investor questions publicly and communicate an updated timeline for an upcoming independent research report.

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26 JUNE 2023

Delivering the report.

They publish the independent research report as an activity update on the PWN investor hub and their timeline transparency is rewarded when investor attention and traffic spikes to a monthly high.

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28 JUNE 2023

Follow-up interviews.

Parkway provides a follow-up activity update on the PWN investor hub which shares a Stockhead article covering the independent research report and continues to generate interest and traffic.

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“Using InvestorHub has really enabled us to be able to engage our entire shareholder base on an equal footing and in that regard, I'd recommend the platform for any issuer who wishes to have a better relationship with their shareholders."
Bahay OzcakmakCEO @ ASX:PWN

ASX:PWN used these InvestorHub features to scale their direct-to-investor marketing:

Investor CRM
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Email campaigns
Investor Q&As
Interactive announcements

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