Unparalleled shareholder understanding.

The registry-integrated investor CRM makes it easy to understand your registry and build better relationships with investors.


You're in good company.

300+ leaders of listed companies use InvestorHub to adopt an intelligent approach to investor marketing.

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Actionable insights into your registry.

InvestorHub makes it efficient to grow your registry via frequent insights into shareholder behaviour, investor marketing performance, and engagement analytics.

Investor CRM.

A simple dashboard that connects shareholder and contact data, the investor CRM makes finding, segmenting, and communicating with shareholders simple.

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Engagement analytics.

Gain data-driven insights into the performance of your investor marketing. With a live dashboard and monthly reporting, InvestorHub makes it dead easy to measure the ROI of your IR and investor marketing.

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Top-50 movement.

Top shareholder movements act as a watchdog on your registry, notifying you and your team of changes and providing quick access to contact details for targeted early intervention.

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Holdings insights.

The Investor Insights feature simplifies shareholder analysis and segmentation, streamlining targeted communications and capital raise planning.

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Register overview.

Replace time-consuming registry report analysis with a simple dashboard that gives you a quick overview of your register.

Register overview.png


A detailed understanding of every shareholder.

Get detailed insights on individual shareholders from a single page, including their P&L, holding size and length, sentiment, contact details, trading history, and communications history.

"InvestorHub has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them."
Mike JonesCEO @ ASX:IPT
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Take control of your next capital raise.

InvestorHub's suite of capital raise insights tools make it simple to analyse past placements, identify high net worth investors, and estimate retail demand.

"Where CFOs have Xero, advisors like me have InvestorHub. The investor analytics and communications tools on InvestorHub have proven incredibly valuable to me as an advisor. InvestorHub allows every listed company to become a world-class capital markets operator."
David BatisaMD @ VIRIATHUS
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Intelligence hub features.

Register overview.

Assess your register at a glance, pinpointing who's in profit or loss and preventing top investor sell-offs.

Investor profiles.

Access insights into individual or segmented groups of investors via investor profiles, including trading history, P&L, and holding time.

Engagement analytics.

Measure the impact of your investor communications on reach, engagement, and shareholder demand.

Broker analysis.

Access summaries of which brokers are most-common amongst your shareholders and how strongly those brokers support your company.

Identify high net worths.

Automatically identify and nurture high-net-worth investors and strengthen your relationships with this vital group.

Trading activity insights.

InvestorHub offers daily trading analysis for early detection and key insights into shareholder movements.

Want to see what else InvestorHub can do for you?

Intelligence hub is just the start. Change the way you do IR for the better.

Acquire shareholders.

InvestorHub offers publicly listed companies a cost-effective solution to build investor demand.Learn more

Engage retail.

More than 50% of investors never visit investor centres. With InvestorHub you can change that.Learn more

Raise capital.

Companies that use InvestorHub raise more capital from retail and see a 5.5-fold reduction in post-raise selloffs.Learn more
Increase in new shareholders.
Raised from shareholders.
Increase in investor traffic.
Saved every week.

300+ public leaders trust us with their
investor marketing. You can too.

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Built for all types of roles.
(no matter how many hats you wear!)

InvestorHub empowers teams at public companies, from CEOs and MDs, to interns in IR.


Make it easier to control your share price with improved registry intelligence.Learn more


Be a more informed leader with shareholder insights, an enriched investor CRM, and registry analytics & benchmarking.Learn more

Investor Relations.

Help your IR team save time by making it easy to access shareholder information with a registry-integrated CRM.Learn more
"I want to learn how to weaponise retail, so I'm signing up with InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD at ASX:DRE

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