How Tempest Minerals enhanced their retail engagement strategy.

By combining that understanding with InvestorHub’s engagement features, Tempest is able to effectively strengthen their relationships with shareholders, giving them a reliable way to grow their retail shareholder base.

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Tempest Minerals (ASX:TEM)

Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$5m

  • Problem.In difficult market conditions, it can be difficult for exploration companies to attract and retain retail investors.
  • Solution.InvestorHub allowed Tempest Minerals to build relationships, at-scale, with retail investors.
  • Impact.Tempest Minerals was able to grow its shareholder base despite difficult market conditions.
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    Leveraging InvestorHub to support a retail engagement strategy.

    Tempest Minerals, an innovative exploration company based in Western Australia, boasts a diverse portfolio of projects in energy, precious and base metals. 

    With macroeconomic conditions worsening at the start of 2022, the leadership team identified a strategic need for clear capital markets data to guide their decision-making and the company’s investor engagement strategy.‍

    Don Smith, MD of Tempest, elaborated on the necessity of an effective retail engagement plan as a priority of the business is to “get what we’re doing out to shareholders in the most efficient way possible”.
    "The insights and analytics provided by InvestorHub enables us to continue to grow our shareholder base despite difficult market conditions"
    Don SmithCFO @ ASX:TEM

    Growing their retail presence with InvestorHub.

    Tempest turned to InvestorHub, an accessible investor marketing platform that empowered the company to consistently grow their retail shareholder base. 

    InvestorHub provides Tempest with a concise, at-a-glance summary of its capital market’s health with detailed shareholder analytics that enables the leadership team to genuinely understand their shareholders at a deeper level. 

    By combining that understanding with InvestorHub’s engagement features, Tempest is able to effectively connect with and strengthen their relationships with shareholders, giving them a reliable way to increase their retail shareholder base (no matter the market conditions). 

    Don Smith shared his thoughts: “InvestorHub has been like a trusted navigator for our capital markets strategy. The highly accessible analytics and detailed shareholder information allowed us to develop an effective investor relations plan, ultimately growing our shareholder base”.

    How InvestorHub supports Tempest in acquiring new investors.

    Tempest has continued to improve their retail engagement strategy with a key focus on acquiring new investors to maximise their retail shareholder base. 

    In the words of Don Smith:
    “Having new shareholders is always important as it brings new people into our community. InvestorHub gives us a platform so that we can pass out information and attract people in for that purpose”.

    Kevin Xu, Associate Director at InvestorHub, remarked: “Helping Tempest Minerals adopt a data-driven approach to their capital markets strategy has been a highlight. As their shareholder base continues to grow, I’m impressed at how they’ve continued to evolve how they engage with retail and acquire new investors”.

    How can InvestorHub help you?

    If you're a listed leader looking for a better way to grow your retail shareholder base, book in a discovery call so that we can understand the hurdles you're facing and provide some insight into where and how we can help.

    No hard sell, no jargon, just a friendly conversation about you, your company, and how we can help.
    Don't take it from us, here’s what Don Smith had to say about recommending InvestorHub.

    ASX:TEM used these InvestorHub features
    to drive individual investor engagement.

    Email campaigns
    Interactive investor hub
    Automated announcement distribution
    Interactive updates
    Interactive announcements
    Interactive Q&A

    With InvestorHub, TEM was able to:

    • Grow their registry.
    • Increase investor engagement.
    • Scale investor relationships.

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