April 2024

How Dreadnought engaged 16.5k unique investors in six months.

Learn how Dean Tuck (MD) and the leadership team deliver value to thousands of investors at scale, for the same time and effort as talking to a single individual.


Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$56m

  • Problem.The leadership team is one of the company's strongest assets that differentiates them but engaging investors individually had a limited impact.
  • Solution.Dreadnought leveraged the interactive Q&A feature on their investor hub to publicly engage investors and exponentially scale their direct-to-investor marketing for all investors.
  • Impact.Dreadnought has engaged 16.7k unique investors and generated more than 107k hub views in their first six months with InvestorHub.
6 months
With InvestorHub.
Unique investors visits.
Hub views.
Public answers.
“Any company that wants to save time and maximise impact when engaging their shareholders, needs to use InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD @ ASX:DRE

Investor relationships can be built at scale.

Investor relationships are built and nurtured through multiple interactions that provide value and Dreadnought champions this philosophy with its approach to proactively answering investor questions to engage investors at scale.

Dreadnought has built and nurtured a reputation as a public company that cares about its investors. If an investor has a question, or a concern, no matter how small or large - the leadership team will take the time to answer it at length and in public to benefit their entire shareholder base.
“We love engaging with our investors because it takes them on the journey with us and ensures they feel part of the Dreadnought story. Every success we experience and every challenge we face is something we need to share with our shareholders because we want them to understand where the company is headed.

That’s why it’s so important to us, the leadership team, to be transparent. Using our hub to answer our investors' questions is the perfect opportunity to invest a little time to impact lots of shareholders at once, in a personable and engaging way. The impact is exponentially larger than the time investment.”
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Dean TuckMD @ ASX:DRE

Introducing Dreadnought and the team.

Dreadnought is a highly active West Australian mineral explorer focused on finding the metals needed now and in the future. The company currently has four core projects: Tarraji-Yampi, Mangaroon, Central Yilgarn, and Bresnahan.

The leadership team at Dreadnought that engages directly with shareholders and prospective investors consists of Dean Tuck (CEO) and Debbie Fullarton (CFO) who are the primary users of InvestorHub. Dean's extensive geology and exploration expertise plays a key role in providing investors with detailed responses to a range of technical and broad questions.
“The beauty of the investor hub is the ability for investors to engage directly with the management team. I promise you when you see the considered responses from Dean, you’ll understand the respect he has for their investment and making sure they understand where the company is headed.”
Debbie FullartonCFO @ ASX:DRE

Engaging at scale in action.

Here's a collection of public investor questions and answers on the DRE interactive investor hub.

image 11.png
image 12.png
image 13.png
image 14.png
image 34.png
image 35.png
image 36.png
image 37.png
“Any company that wants to save time and maximise impact when engaging their shareholders, needs to use InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD @ ASX:DRE

ASX:DRE used these InvestorHub features to scale their direct-to-investor marketing:

Investor CRM
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Email campaigns
Investor Q&As
Interactive announcements

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