How Dreadnought leverages investor questions to engage investors at every stage of the story.

The leadership team at Dreadnought Resources utilise investor questions to publicly influence and direct investor sentiment. In under 3 months, the management team has directly influenced thousands of investors.

Dreadnought Resources (ASX:DRE)

Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$85m

  • Problem.The management team at Dreadnought is one of the company's strongest assets but they wanted to improve how they communicate this value to investors at scale.
  • Solution.In under 3 months, Dreadnought has leveraged the interactive investor hub to engage directly with shareholders and prospective investors.
  • Impact.More than 50,000 hub views, an impressive 100% answer rate from management and 124 self-nominated s708 investors as a result of their approach to investor questions.

Maximising investor reach and engagement.

Months using InvestorHub
Hub views
Answer rate

Investor relationships need to be nurtured over time.

Investor relationships are built and nurtured through multiple interactions that provide value and Dreadnought champions with this philosophy with its approach to proactively answering investor questions to control its company story.

Despite becoming an InvestorHub user only 3 months ago, they’ve quickly become one of our top-performing companies with more than 50,000 investor impressions and a 100% answer rate on investor questions, demonstrating just how much they value their investors.
"I want to learn how to weaponise retail, so I'm joining InvestorHub."
download (1).jpeg
Dean TuckCEO @ ASX:DRE

Introducing Dreadnought.

Dreadnought is a highly active West Australian mineral explorer focused on finding the metals needed now and in the future. The company currently has four core projects: Tarraji-Yampi, Mangaroon, Central Yilgarn, and Bresnahan.

The leadership team at Dreadnought that engages directly with shareholders and prospective investors consists of Dean Tuck (CEO) and Debbie Fullarton (CFO) who are the primary users of InvestorHub.

Dean Tuck (CEO).

Debbie Fullarton (CFO).

I might do a team grid instead for this one.

Their approach to investor relations.

Dean Tuck perspective.

Debbie Fullarton perspective.

Answering investor questions with Dean Tuck.


ASX:DRE used these InvestorHub features
to drive and capitalise on investor engagement.

Investor CRM
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Email campaigns
Investor Q&As
Interactive announcements
Retail raise
s708 verification
High net worth identification
Post placement reports

With InvestorHub, Dreadnought was able to:

• Raise $15.8m.
• Directly engage individual investors.
• Increase retail investor reach.

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