How Theta Gold Mines increased retail engagement & reach.

Growing investor understanding, belief, and advocacy via their interactive investor hub and investor marketing.

Theta Gold Mines (ASX:TGM).

Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Sydney
Market cap: ~$42m

  • Problem.It can be difficult to know which parts of your newsflow are effective at increasing retail understanding.
  • Solution.InvestorHub's sentiment collection, analysis, and engagement analytics provided TGM with insights into investor sentiment.
  • Impact.Verified the impact of a report, with two out of three investors recommending TGM as a result and one out of three increasing their holdings as a result.
TGM Hub.png

Measuring the impact of a newsflow on investor demand.

Increased advocacy
Increase in demand
Increased understanding

A Glimpse into Theta Gold Mines.

Theta Gold Mines (ASX:TGM) is not just a gold mining development company but a holder of numerous promising pre-production gold assets in the globally recognised South African gold mining region. 

Determined to establish and nurture a strong connection with their shareholders, they turned to
InvestorHub. This comprehensive investor marketing platform provided a way for TGM to increase the reach of their company content exponentially. 

Consequently, they managed to disperse not only their ASX announcements but also additional insightful content that had been
previously inaccessible to many investors who typically consume company news through the ASX directly.
"InvestorHub allows us to maximise the impact of company news as investors don't always know where to look. We're very excited going forward to continue providing updates to our shareholders on the future and direction of the company and gathering feedback."
Brett Hoffman.jpg
Brent HofmanCFO @ ASX:TGM

Unveiling the Fox-Davies Research Report.

Fox-Davies, a specialised broker with a focus on mining and oil in Australia and internationally, produced an independent analysis of TGM

This comprehensive research report gave shareholders and potential investors an insightful peek into TGM's gold mining operations.

It's an invaluable resource, especially when paired with follow-up content like a succinct, 6-minute presentation by Peter Rose (mining analyst), where he distils the crucial findings of the report.

But that content only goes as far as its reach, and that's where InvestorHub played a pivotal role.


The Role of InvestorHub.

InvestorHub equipped TGM with three powerful tools to distribute content effectively.

  • Interactive investor hub.An interactive investor hub for direct communication with shareholders and potential investors, facilitating the sharing of ASX and non-ASX content.
  • Interactive updates.A dedicated section for hosting supplementary non-ASX announcement content, the place where investors found the Fox-Davies report.
  • Email distribution.An email distribution feature to keep shareholders in the loop about the Fox-Davies research report.
TGM Hub.png

The impact of InvestorHub.

Through this, TGM successfully tackled a common issue faced by many ASX companies – the difficulty of directly delivering company content to investors. 

With their
report hosted on their hub and a custom email campaign to existing shareholders, they not only ensured that shareholders were well-informed about important company updates, but they were also able to gather some exciting feedback. 

Two out of three investors would recommend TGM to another investor.

One out of three investors would increase their stake as a result of the report, with two out of three opting to maintain their holdings.

All investors reported that their understanding of the company was at par or higher.

TGM has taken
a massive step with how they're maximising the impact and reach of their content and will continue to take actions that benefit their investor's understanding and perspective of the company.

ASX:TGM used these InvestorHub features
to drive individual investor engagement.

Email campaigns
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Interactive updates
Interactive announcements

With InvestorHub, TGM was able to:

• Increase investor understanding.
• Increase investor advocacy.
• Increase investor demand.

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