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Over 50% of investors don't visit a company's investor centre. Interactive investor hubs change that by providing companies with a solution that is proven to increase investor reach, engagement, and demand.


Interactive investor hubs are just the beginning.

300+ leaders of public companies use interactive investor hubs to reach and engage more investors.

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Give every shareholder a top 20 experience.

Interactive investor hubs make it simple to reach and engage more investors. Stop letting third parties tell your story and grow a community of retail investors who have the same level of understanding and conviction as your top 20.

Interactive investor hub.

Grow your shareholder base faster via an interactive investor hub. Interactive hubs attract more investors via announcements, engage investors with interactive announcements, and allow for controlled two-way conversations between investors and management.

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Controlled Q&As.

Scale your interactions with investors via controllable two-way conversations. Investor hubs allow registered members of your hub to ask questions directly of the team. Unlike third party forums, questions can be set to public or private, giving you control over the conversation.

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Build and nurture leads.

Investors are unlikely to buy based on a single interaction with your company, which is why investor hubs capture investor leads and provide companies with the ability to build investor demand via highly efficient email campaigns.


Interactive announcements.

Want to make your announcements work harder? Increase investor attention, convert more eyeballs into leads, and increase investor conviction by making announcements two-way.


Multichannel. Multimedia.

Interactive investor hubs allow companies to add videos and summaries to announcements, as well as automatically distribute announcements via email and social media.



Make investor marketing measurable.

Every investor interaction via your hub is measured, analysed, and compiled into an engagement analytics dashboard and monthly report.

This makes it simple for public companies to track the impact of their investor marketing and calculate the return on investment.

"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.”
Iggy TanMD @ ASX:ATC
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Engage more investors in less time.

The digital-first nature of investor hubs means that companies not only increase investor reach and engagement, but also save time in doing so. Say goodbye to inefficient communications techniques and hello to highly scalable investor hubs.

"InvestorHub is a key part of our strategy to better engage our 14,000 large shareholder base."
Rob Shore RFG.jpeg
Robert ShoreCFO @ ASX:RFG
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Interactive investor hub features

Interactive announcements.

Add videos and summaries to announcements and allow investors to ask questions via announcements.

Activity updates.

Don't let your newsflow be restricted by announcements. Keep non-regulatory news flowing directly to investors with activity updates.

Investor welcome page.

Welcome new and prospective investors to your hub with a dedicated home page that informs and excites investors.

Controlled Q&A.

Allow investors to ask questions of your management team in private and public environments, building trust and increasing investor engagement and understanding.

Generate investor leads.

Investor hubs automatically convert visitors into investor leads and nurture them into investors.

Live announcements.

Become the single source of truth for your company's information and provide your investor community with access to live announcements via both the hub and direct to their email.

Want to see what else InvestorHub can do for you?

Interactive investor hubs are just the start. Change the way you do IR for the better.

Acquire shareholders.

InvestorHub offers an easy and cost-effective way of building investor demand over time.Learn more

Engage retail.

With interactive investor hubs, you can reach and engage more investors, including those who have never visited your investor centre.Learn more

Raise capital.

Reach, engage and activate your retail shareholders to deliver sustainable, long-term capital raises with a 5.5x decrease in post-raise selloffs.Learn more
Increase in new shareholders.
Raised from shareholders.
Increase in investor traffic.
Saved every week.

300+ public leaders prefer to use interactive
investor hubs to drive investor demand.

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Built for all types of roles.
(no matter how many hats you wear!)

InvestorHub empowers teams at public companies, from CEOs and MDs, to interns in IR.


Be in control of your share price by providing every shareholder with a top 20 experience and bring them on your journey.Learn more


Be a more informed leader with interactive investor hubs, providing superior shareholder insights, an advanced investor CRM, and comprehensive registry analytics.Learn more

Investor relations.

Make it easier for your IR team to track the impact of their campaigns and engage more new investors at scale.Learn more
"I want to learn how to weaponise retail, so I'm signing up with InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD at ASX:DRE

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