April 2024

How Altech used direct-to-investor marketing to raise $15.8m.

Learn how Altech Batteries consistently increase their investor reach and engagement with all investors to create demand that's activated during a capital raise.

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Altech Batteries (ASX:ATC).

Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$112m

  • Problem.Altech has a great story with a strong shareholder base but struggled to build investor relationships at scale.
  • Solution.Over the course of a year, Altech was able to implement a consistent direct-to-investor marketing approach that enabled them to build direct relationships with a significant portion of their registry.
  • Impact.With more than 127k hub views and 19k unique investor visits, Altech were able to capitalise on their investor demand with a $15.8m raise in a down market.
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18 months
With InvestorHub
Unique investor visits.
Hub views
In capital raised.
"It's a great platform for moving our tech away from just being a ticker code on the ASX to a group of people that are trying to do the best thing for the company and the best thing for the shareholders. InvestorHub enables us to have that link."
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Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

Investor engagement has evolved.

“It’s difficult to reach and engage retail” is a common pain for most listed companies, but it’s not entirely accurate. Investors and listed companies want to engage with each other, but it can be difficult or inefficient to do so. 

With an approach we call direct-to-investor marketing, listed companies are bridging the gap between their shareholders and the broader investor community. Here’s how Altech leverages investor marketing to effectively engage retail, grow investor demand, and raise sticky capital.
"Our company philosophy is pretty simple. We think we've got good projects. We think we've got good people driving these projects within our management team. And we think our shareholders are equally as important as our projects and our management team."
Martin Stein.jpg
Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

Introducing Altech and the team.

Altech is a specialty battery company working to commercialise revolutionary technology and provide alternatives to lithium-ion batteries with projects across battery technology, battery materials, and production. ‍

Iggy Tan (MD) and Martin Stein (CFO) are key members of the leadership team driving the strategic initiative to leverage InvestorHub as part of the company’s capital markets and retail engagement strategy. As the face of Altech for investors and shareholders, Iggy and Martin are front and centre as essential elements of the company's goal towards building investor relationships at scale.
"We're real people and we've got real shareholders, and we want to bring them together".
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Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

Activating investor demand with a capital raise.

The direct-to-investor marketing approach contextualises shareholder engagement as the start of growing investor demand, and a capital raise as a common way of activating that investor demand.

In August 2023, Altech executed a capital raise comprising a $3m placement and a $12.8m non-renounceable entitlement offer (NREO), the shareholder offer component ensuring that existing shareholders were included and treated fairly.

Altech communicated frequently with the market during this time with a key strategy to identify and target HNWs (high-net-worth investors) via InvestorHub's integrated registry analytics to successfully fill out the shortfall.
“With the InvestorHub platform and the dedicated raise support, we were able to easily mop up the shortfall. We identified the HNWs and other shareholders who were interested in future raises and reached out to them first to take up the additional shortfall allocation. That action through the product enabled us to close out the raise on a strong note, and at this point, the product pays for itself”.
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Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

Direct-to-investor marketing in action.

Here's are the key actions that Altech did consistently over a year that enabled them to build and nurture investor relationships at scale before activating that demand with a successful $15.8m capital raise.

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"It's really about working together to offer the best service for our shareholders. And InvestorHub's instrumental in driving that process."
Martin Stein.jpg
Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

ASX:ATC used these InvestorHub features
to drive and capitalise on investor engagement.

Investor CRM
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Email campaigns
Investor Q&As
Interactive announcements
Retail raise
s708 verification
High net worth identification
Post placement reports

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