Running an oversubscribed share purchase plan.

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Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$40m

  • Problem.Shareholder attention is hard to maintain and convert into investor demand when raising capital.
  • Solution.By leveraging key engagement tools, shareholder attention was commanded from start to finish throughout the raise process.
  • Impact.They closed a heavily oversubscribed share purchase plan, receiving $2.6m in shareholder applications for a raise goal of $1.5m.
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Maximising shareholder participation.

Shareholder reachability and engagement is paramount to maximising raise participation. A few simple steps done properly can dramatically increase the likelihood of participation and the amount of capital you can raise.

The email campaign.

Shareholders were proactively notified about the Share Purchase Plan with an email campaign.

With an excellent email that covered the raise (including strategy and use of funds), more than 46% of shareholders opened this initial email.

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Dedicated raise page.

Shareholders had access to a dedicated raise page on SUV’s interactive investor hub, where they could learn more about the raise.

This included direct access to the leadership team to answer any questions and provide additional details about the raise when necessary.

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Investor Q&A.

With an integrated and interactive Q&A system, Suvo were able to answer investor questions early into the raise to remove any frictions to raise participation.

Answering these questions publicly meant that all investors benefited from the interaction, and enabled Suvo to keep their investor engagement cost efficient.

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Learn more about how public companies like Suvo are benefiting from direct-to-investor marketing.

Investor marketing for public companies.

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