Reach more investors in less time with InvestorHub.

With streamlined, efficient investor communication and intelligent investor insights, InvestorHub makes it possible to maximise market engagement efficiency.

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Trusted by billions in global market cap.

300+ global public leaders use InvestorHub to maximise market engagement.

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Reach more investors.

InvestorHub's suite of communications tools increase the reach of your announcements and media releases so that they are seen by an average of 800% more investors.Learn More

Acquire more investors.

InvestorHub turns your investor journey into an optimised funnel that increases your rate of new investor acquisition by an average of 33%.Learn More

Build a loyal base.

Whether a shareholder owns 500 or 5m shares, InvestorHub makes it easy to send targeted campaigns to investor segments that increase investor understanding, belief, and loyalty.Learn More
"As the leading independent voice for shareholders across Australia, the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) is dedicated to enhancing shareholder engagement and governance within companies.

We believe communications solutions such as InvestorHub present an effective tool for public companies, streamlining the process of engagement and deepening their shareholder relationships and thereby elevating communications outcomes."
Australian Shareholders Association

Attract more shareholders.

Grow your shareholder base with the investor marketing platform that has increased the rate of new shareholder acquisition of public companies by 33%.

Learn more
"Using InvestorHub has enabled us to be able to reach out and ensure all shareholders are up to date with the company's activities and operations, and they have equal access to management to raise any concerns, questions and provide feedback."
Bahay OzakmakCEO @ ASX:PWN
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Grow shareholder understanding.

InvestorHub gives you a direct channel to individual investors. Send targeted campaigns, increase engagement via interactive media, and have controlled conversations at-scale that increase investor understanding and belief.

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"Every company with a retail base, who is serious about engaging with their shareholders, should be on InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckCEO @ ASX:DRE
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Raise capital on your terms.

InvestorHub makes it possible to raise more capital from shareholders by making it easy to grow your chairman's list and run effective shareholder offers.

Learn more
"We had a shortfall. On InvestorHub, I'd had many people sign up as s708 sophisticated investors - a register of all this in anticipation of new capital raising. And when we had that shortfall, we were able to place a balance of the shortfall by using the contacts that we'd built up from InvestorHub"
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Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC
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Simplifying IR with our all-in-one platform.

Use data-driven insights to master retail engagement and drive share price control.

Intelligence hub.

Demystify shareholder data with a registry-integrated CRM that offers detailed analysis and valuable shareholder insights.

Interactive investor hub.

Take your investor engagement to the next level with an interactive hub that fosters meaningful connections with retail and helps build a supportive investor ecosystem.

Communications hub.

Optimise your investor communications on InvestorHub to improve investor reach across multiple investor touchpoints.

Raise hub.

Streamline your capital raising from existing shareholders with our specialised raise tools, designed for efficient and value-driven outcomes.
Increase in new shareholders.
Raised from shareholders.
Increase in investor traffic.
Saved every week.

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InvestorHub gives you control.

Our suite of best-practice investor marketing tools is tailored for management teams so that you can focus on strategic decision-making and controlling your share price with ease.

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"InvestorHub has fitted perfectly into how we operate as IR professionals, and has unlocked a whole range of efficiencies along the way.

We now spend less time cobbling together various solutions, reach more investors, and have an easy way to measure our impact."
Harbury Advisors
Registry integration.
Investor CRM.
Automated campaigns.
Interactive Q&As.
Investor lead nurture.
Measurable ROI.
Registry analytics.
Shareholder emails.
Interactive announcements.

Case studies

Learn how modern public companies are using InvestorHub to maximise the efficiency of their market engagement.

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