Turn newsflow into momentum with InvestorHub.

InvestorHub's registry-integrated analytics and market communications tools make it easy for executives to effectively understand and engage with investors.


InvestorHub gives small caps a better way to grow.

Join the 100+ global companies using InvestorHub driving more effective investor engagement.

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Measurably better shareholder engagement.

The all-in-one InvestorHub platform has all the tools you need to understand, communicate, and engage with shareholders.

  • Investor intelligence.
  • Registry-integrated investor CRM.
  • Investor centre 2.0.
  • Capital raising tools.
  • Loved by both external and internal IR teams.
  • use cases - ir.png
    "We love InvestorHub. It's totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them. We're only just getting started and as we continue to learn and evolve, our relationships with shareholders and investors will benefit immensely."
    Mike JonesMD @ ASX:IPT


    Dedicated expert support to maximise the impact of better investor engagement.

    Using a combination of data, best-practice D2I marketing, and strategic alignment with your company, your InvestorHub journey will start with a bang thanks to your dedicated CSM. They're here to help you identify your key shareholders, create a bespoke investor engagement plan, and guide you throughout the year in order to maximise the impact of InvestorHub.

  • Stage 1.png
    Strategic alignment & shareholder analysis.We'll work with your executive, marketing, and IR team to help you understand your registry, identify key shareholder segments (including HNWs and the mid register), and formulate an investor engagement strategy that will help you meet your strategic goals.
  • Stage 2.png
    Bespoke 12-month investor engagement plan.From optimising your investor CRM and communications workflows through to launching your hub, your dedicated D2I expert will ensure that your InvestorHub setup is optimise to maximise your investor engagement and build momentum.
  • Stage 3.png
    Year-round support and guidance.We'll conduct monthly strategy meetings to help you understand your registry data, measure the impact of your investor engagement, and optimise future tactics with best practice D2I.
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    Interactive communications tools.
    Investor relations analytics.
    Monthly reporting & insights.
    Investor centre 2.0.
    Automated investor communications.
    Capital raising tools.
    Email and social media tools.
    Registry-integrated CRM.


    Registry-integrated features to help you build momentum.

    Amplify the impact of your investor relations with our all-in-one platform and support services.

    All the IR tools. One platform.

    All the tools you will ever need for investor relations on one platform, from a registry-integrated investor CRM to automated communications tools.

    Investor centre 2.0.

    Give your investors easy access to the information they need for informed trade decisions and watch your investor engagement scale organically.

    Efficient and user-friendly.

    Our platform offers automation and critical insights from registry-integrated shareholder data so that public companies can optimise shareholder engagement with minimal effort.

    Dedicated account support.

    Receive ongoing strategic support from our dedicated team of experts who can help shape your investor relations to save you time and resources.

    Registry-integrated CRM.

    With InvestorHub you can use the world's only registry-integrated CRM to make decisions backed by shareholder data and optimise your investor relations strategy.

    Capital raising tools.

    Raise more capital from shareholders with ease. Minimise post-raise selloff and protect your share price with InvestorHub’s advanced capital raising tools.
    “The beauty of the investor hub is the ability for investors to engage directly with the management team...”
    debbie fullarton cfo asx-dre.jpeg
    Debbie FullartonCFO @ ASX:DRE


    Eliminate time-consuming registry anlaysis.

    Know exactly who's in your register, their trading history, contact invormation, and how they engage with your investor communications.

    Our registry-integrated investor CRM connects shareholder and contact data, making it easy to find, segment, and communicate with your shareholders efficiently.

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    "We're always striving to continuously improve our cost and engagement efficiency. InvestorHub fits perfectly for us because it gives us a centralised, impactful and insightful control centre for our investor engagement that also saves us time and effort"
    james durrant.jpg
    James DurrantCEO @ ASX:REE
    registry integrated investor crm-2.png


    Drive momentum with engagement data.

    Measure the effectiveness of your investor relations strategy with a live dashboard and monthly reports.

    Use data from InvestorHub's engagement analytics to demonstrate the direct impact of your communications on your registry and maximise your on-market impact with minimal disruptions.

    Learn more
    “InvestorHub has been like a trusted navigator for our capital markets strategy. The highly accessible analytics and detailed shareholder information allowed us to develop an effective investor relations plan, ultimately growing our shareholder base”.
    Don tempest .jpeg
    Don SmithMD @ ASX:TEM
    quantiy investor engagement.png

    InvestorHub makes public companies better.

    Unique investors engaged.
    High net worth investors identified.
    Clients across Aus and UK.


    Raise capital directly from your shareholders.

    Optimise their capital raises through strategic investor engagement that focuses on cultivating a high-conviction shareholder base.

    Use detailed analyses of past placement reports to refine your strategy, then target the right shareholders with smart allocation tools, and optimise your approach with real-time insights from you raise.

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    "We had a shortfall. On InvestorHub, I'd had many people sign up as s708 sophisticated investors - a register of all this in anticipation of new capital raising. And when we had that shortfall, we were able to place a balance of the shortfall by using the contacts that we'd built up from InvestorHub."
    Martin Stein.jpg
    Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC
    Capital raise support (3).png

    One platform to own your investor relationships.

    The most efficient way for public companies to track and scale your investor engagement.

    Intelligence hub.

    Unlock valuable shareholder insights with our registry-integrated CRM, making data-driven decisions easier than ever.

    Interactive investor hub.

    Engage investors like never before with interactive content that builds a vibrant and informed community.

    Communications hub.

    Streamline your outreach with automated and targeted communication strategies, ensuring your message hits the mark every time.

    Raise hub.

    Optimise your capital raising efforts with tools designed to reduce selloff risks and maintain share price stability, supported by our expert team.


    Unlock better liquidity insights from your register.

    Identify high-conviction shareholders on your register who can help improve your liquidity with InvestorHub's free liquidity report service.

    Personalised for your listed business, this report will help you gain a clear understanding of where you stand when compared to your peers using strategic benchmarking, gauge your share price sensitivity, and de-risk your company for institutional investors.

    Request liquidity report

    Request an analysis of your registry with InvestorHub.

    Let us analyse your registry and help you find opportunities that will make being listed a superpower for your business.


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