Maximise the impact of InvestorHub with expert D2I support.

Maximise the value of InvestorHub with CoPilot, your integrated D2I marketing service. With a dedicated expert by your side, you can save time and resources across your IR strategy, execution, and reporting.

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Trusted by public companies around the world.

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Navigate market changes easily with dedicated support.

Get the most out of using InvestorHub in way less time with the help of a dedicated and proactive support team of D2I marketing experts.

Monthly video updates.

Save time by leaning on our D2I marketing experts to craft one standout video content for you every month and watch your investor engagement grow.

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Capital raise support.

Let us take away the stress of raising capital. With CoPilot, we will help you increase shareholder uptake, identify High Net Worth investors on your registry and provide valuable resources to navigate your capital raise.

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Monthly strategy meeting.

Tap into the data points that get your share price moving. Meet your dedicated D2I marketing expert once a month to translate this valuable data into actionable steps that improve your market engagement.

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Board reporting.

Get monthly reports from your InvestorHub support team that distils critical data and equips you with the clarity you need to demonstrate the tangible impact of your investor marketing efforts to your board.

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Quarterly hubinars.

With Copilot, you get tailored support with hosting, editing and distributing quarterly 'hubinars' that keep your investors engaged and shareholders informed.

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Amplify the impact of announcements
with CoPilot.

Your dedicated D2I marketing expert will craft one standout video every month to free up your time and maximise the impact of your announcements on the market with minimal effort from your end.

"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.”
Iggy TanMD @ ASX:ATC & Chair @ ASX:LU7
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Customised reports for better board alignment.

With CoPilot, strategic alignment with your board becomes easier. We will provide monthly market engagement reports based on data from your hub, tailored to resonate with your board's needs.

“Any company that wants to save time and maximise impact when engaging their shareholders needs to use InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD @ ASX:DRE
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Personalised support to help you stand out in the market.

CoPilot will help you hit the ground running when it comes to engaging investors and shareholders at scale.

More impact from InvestorHub.

CoPilot's bespoke offerings let you engage more new investors in the market in less time through dedicated and proactive support.

Save more time.

With CoPilot, our D2I marketing experts will take care of your market engagement so that you have more time to focus on the big-picture, strategic tasks.

Implement best-practice D2I marketing.

CoPilot gives you access to a dedicated D2I marketing expert whose job is to help you implement D2I strategies through a mix of hands-on support, advice, and reporting.
Increase in new shareholders.
Raised from shareholders.
Increase in investor traffic.
Saved every week.

Join the 100+ strong cohort of public companies
changing how they engage the market.

Discover how InvestorHub can transform your investor engagement.

CoPilot tiers compared.

Whether you are looking for dedicated D2I marketing support or after more bespoke solutions, we have got you covered either way.


$150per seat per year

$450per seat per year
Investor CRM.
Communications hub.
Interactive investor hub.
Email campaigns.
High net worth identification.
Selloff monitoring.
Registry integration (if compatible).
Dedicated customer support.
Daily question drafting.
Board reporting analysis.
Monthly video interview.
Monthly strategy meetings.
Capital raising support.
Registry analysis and insights.
Quarterly Hubinar.
Quarterly deck reviews.
Quarterly c-suite consultation.
Bespoke reporting.
Custom introduction video.

CoPilot benefits all types of roles in a public company.

InvestorHub empowers teams at public companies, from CEOs and MDs, to interns in IR.


Make it easier to control your share price with improved registry intelligence.Learn more


Be a more informed leader with shareholder insights, an enriched investor CRM, and registry analytics & benchmarking.Learn more

Investor relations.

Help your IR team save time by making it easy to access shareholder information with a registry-integrated CRM.Learn more
"I want to learn how to weaponise retail, so I'm signing up with InvestorHub."
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Dean TuckMD at ASX:DRE

How companies use InvestorHub to own their
investor relationships.

Read the success stories of public companies that are efficiently scaling their investor engagement.

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Get started with InvestorHub

Curious about how InvestorHub can help you?

Let's jump on a discovery call. No jargon, no sales pitch. We just want to focus on your listed business and how InvestorHub (with CoPilot) can help you stand out in the market.


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