Born from a deep understanding of the modern challenges issuers face.

In 2022, our founders, Rhys and Ben, recognised that there was a systematic problem in equity markets that acted as a brake on the growth of public companies: inefficient shareholder engagement.

This insight was born from the experience of facilitating over 2,000 capital markets transactions with our sister company, Fresh Equities.

To address this problem, the team built InvestorHub: a product that empowers companies to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their shareholder engagement.

We call this approach to shareholder engagement investor marketing.

Since founding in 2022, we have helped 70+ public companies reach and engage over 100,000 investors per month and raise over $77m in capital, all whilst saving time.

We have a team of 30+ passionate humans who, whilst coming from all walks of life, are unified by our vision for no barriers to exist between companies and investors.

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Trusted with over $9 billion market capitalisation.

300+ public leaders and IR teams use InvestorHub every day to get 33% more new retail shareholders.

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Increase in new shareholders.
Raised from shareholders.
Increase in investor traffic.
Saved every week.

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What makes InvestorHub different?

We take pride in our reputation as being transparent, ethical, and curious in the pursuit of our vision for no barriers to exist between companies and investors.


Every decision can be made better when it's informed by data. Our product is informed by data. Our customers are informed by data.


Our mission is to strengthen the connection between companies and their investors. Every feature is built to enable stronger connections.


We have built a product that aligns our best interests with yours. With InvestorHub, there are no hidden transaction fees.

Technology first.

Our products and services are driven by technology, making them accessible 24/7 to our customers. We still have a capable team supporting you when you need it, though.


Companies on InvestorHub build stronger relationships with investors whilst spending less time on IR and investor communications.
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Our discovery calls are all about learning more about your business. No hard sell, no jargon. Just a friendly chat about how we might be able to make your listed experience better.

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