A masterclass in engaging investors by consistently enhancing announcements.

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Shareholder engagement is a long-term endeavour that requires an ongoing commitment from the leadership team to deliver value to and inform their investors.

RareX Limited(ASX:REE) joined InvestorHub's cohort of listed companies only recently, but they've already hit the ground running with six enhanced ASX announcements.

Here are three examples of ASX announcements that they've enhanced with video and text summaries for the benefit of their shareholders and potential investors.

Enhancing ASX announcements for better engagement.

Not everyone is a subject matter expert when it comes to breaking down announcements from public companies.

Using an engaging narrative that has detailed text summaries and video content changes how investors engage with such content and can effectively break down complex concepts into simple bite-sized pieces of content.

The announcement summary.

RareX released an announcement highlighting the successful completion of the Cummins Range Rare Earth Project scoping study. Using their interactive investor hub they shared their findings in an accessible and engaging format allowing them to communicate complex technical data to shareholders and potential investors simply.

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The video summary.

RareX partners with InvestorHub for improved investor engagement and uses video content to communicate this announcement in a user-friendly format. This enabled shareholders and investors to easily access and understand the significance of the exploration results.

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The video summary.

Once again, RareX used their interactive investor hub to demonstrate the significance of the drilling program to their investor community. By using a short video, their CEO showcased a high level of commitment to bringing transparency to shareholders.

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Investor marketing for public companies.

300+ leaders of public companies use InvestorHub to engage retail effectively and control their share price.

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