The perfect way to launch an SPP.

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Industry: Materials
Headquarters: Perth
Market cap: ~$9m

  • Problem.The launch of a shareholder offer can make or break a shareholder's decision to participate in the capital raise.
  • Solution.Lithium Universe (ASX:LU7) utilised an effective mix of engagement tools to create a raise experience that's transparent and easy-to-access for their shareholders.
  • Impact.In a down market, they've been able to execute a shareholder offer and maximise the participation.
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Maximising shareholder participation from the start.

The leadership team considered every aspect of the raise experience that could add friction for their shareholders and provided strategic resources that mitigated concerns, answered questions, and provided context.

An address from leadership.

Iggy Tan (CEO) covered the reasoning, strategy and details of the shareholder offer through an informative raise presentation for investors.

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A simplified raise timeline.

A share purchase plan takes place over several weeks so a transparent raise timeline ensures that investors are aligned on the raise status, where they sit in relation to the timeline, and what they can expect for next steps.

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Make it easy to apply.

Applying for the shareholder offer is a common source of confusion but a simple application process for shareholders to move through.

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Investor marketing for public companies.

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