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Maximising the impact of your announcements.

Establishing investor habits is crucial for companies when creating and executing an investor relations strategy. Investor attention is notoriously tricky to attract but relatively simple to lose. Therefore it's more important than ever for companies to optimise how they retain this attention, and ensure they're employing the best practices in their current strategy.

InvestorHub undertook an investor engagement analysis of dozens of issuers to identify the impact of adding additional content to announcements on investor attention. We found that, on average, company announcements that at least include a summary or video get 480% more views than company announcements that have neither. 

When investors commit to reviewing the company news flow, it's crucial that companies activate these investors by adding as much value as they can through additional content like summaries or videos. These value-adding activities will reinforce investor relationships and encourage future engagement as investors associate enhanced news flow with the company. 

With this data in mind, how would you modify how you publish your announcements? Will you be including at least a video or summary to maximise the amount of engagement?

Check out InvestorHub and our feature sets which enable you to customise how you communicate news flow to your investors and maximise your shareholder engagement. 

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