The shareholders responsible for 50% of value traded.

Introducing the mid register: the missing link in optimising on-market performance.

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The three segments of shareholders.

Most companies divide their register into two groups: "top 20" and "retail" shareholders.

However, InvestorHub's analysis of client shareholder data revealed that there is more to retail than meets the eye. There is an overlooked group of shareholders that are by far the most influential on a company's liquidity: the mid register.

By subdividing retail into two segments, companies can adopt a targeted approach to optimising liquidity.

  • Top 20 shareholders.Less than 1% of your shareholder base. They hold between 20% and 80% of stock on average, but account for very little on-market trading. They are most active during capital raises.
  • The mid register.24% of your register, this group holds a significant amount of capital and isn't afraid to use it. They influence almost half of your monthly value traded.
  • The long tail.This group represents what most companies think of when they imagine a typical retail investor: low holdings, low volume traded, but make up the majority of the register (~74%).
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    The mid register.

    For companies that are looking to optimise liquidity or build upwards share price momentum, the mid register is a critical segment.

    Importantly, the mid register is easily identifiable: it is the ~24% of your register that holds the most shares outside your top 20.

    The mid register looks different for every company, with things like market cap and register size heavy influencers in how big the mid register is.

    Importantly, the mid register doesn't just represent the present status of a company, but also its future. Successfully engaging this group of shareholders is usually a company's most promising opportunity for optimising liquidity.

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    How InvestorHub helps companies optimise liquidity by engaging the mid register.

    Learn how our CSM team will help you identify the mid register and optimise InvestorHub to help you reach and engage members for a measurable impact.

    InvestorHub features to help you target the mid register.

    CoPilot.Work with your dedicated D2I marketing expert to identify the mid register.
    Registry-integrated CRM.Import registry data to understand contact holding size and trading behaviour.
    Dynamic segments.Create live segments that capture real-time members of the mid register.
    Campaigns.Send targeted email and social media campaigns to members of the mid register .
    Interactive investor hub.Engage the mid register at-scale using the interactive investor hub.
    Board reporting.Give your board monthly updates on mid register behaviour and engagement.

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    The D2I marketing flywheel.

    The more you practice D2I marketing, the better it gets.


    D2I marketing amplifies the reach of your IR by up to 800%, bringing more eyeballs to your company and newsflow.


    D2I marketing increases the level of engagement of both prospective and current shareholders, thus increasing their conviction in your company.


    D2I marketing allows companies to adopt a data-driven approach to shareholder conversion. By owning the investor relationship, you can see the impact of newsflow and interactions on shareholder behaviour.


    Leverage data and insights from communications, engagement, and trading behaviour to optimise newsflow and your IR spend and strategy.

    The direct-to-investor marketing flywheel.

    The direct-to-investor marketing flywheel explains, in detail, how investing in each step leads to greater reach, greater engagement, and stickier shareholders. 

  • By investing in strategies that attract, engage and convert your investors, you can apply forces to build momentum in your flywheel.

  • By investing in strategies that optimise your direct-to-investor marketing, you can remove frictions that slow down your flywheel.
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    Public companies trust InvestorHub as their
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    Easy and intuitive.

    We're enjoying the functionality and form of the product, it is easy and intuitive and I would recommend it to others without doubt.
    James DurrantCEO @ ASX:REE

    Allows us to maximise the impact.

    InvestorHub allows us to maximise the impact of company news as investors don't always know where to look. We're very excited going forward to continue providing updates to our shareholders on the future and direction of the company and gathering feedback.
    Brent HoffmanCFO @ ASX:TGM

    Makes it easy to be world-class.

    Where CFOs have Xero, advisors like me have InvestorHub. The investor analytics and communications tools on InvestorHub have proven incredibly valuable to me as an advisor.
    David BatistaSenior MD @ VIRIATHUS
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