The 3 M's that determine your share price.

Navigating share price dynamics? The 3 M's framework offers a clear path to taking control.

Understand the balance between macro forces, micro factors, and marketing with this highly actionable framework.

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The 3 M's that determine your share price.

There are always factors outside of your control, but there are also always factors within your control.

The 3 M's is a practical framework that you can use to harness the factors, within your control, that influence your share price.

  • MacroForces that are totally outside of your control, such as inflation, commodity prices, and trade tariffs.
  • MicroFactors you're mostly in control of, such as your company's performance, such as results, personnel changes, & projects.
  • Marketing100% within in your control: it's how (and when) you communicate with the market.
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These are typically broad aspects that share two key traits: (a) they aren't unique to you and (b) you can't control them.

A financial crisis, market-specific events, regulatory changes, economic data below expectations, commodity pricing, sector impacts -  these are all broad-spectrum items that impact your share price, but have nothing to do with you and for which you can do nothing to influence (though you can acknowledge them, as ASX:DRE does so here). 

Your job here is to (1) be aware (know what's going on to understand the impacts), (2) be prepared (these can be large swings, like oil price movements, and rocket up or down), and (3) take advantage (if your sector is hot, take advantage).

You need to know this, but you cannot influence this, so it shouldn’t change your day-to-day.


This is all about you and the business. When we talk about the 'company and the code', this is the company. 

Key hires, movements in revenue, international growth, product line development, drill results, medical trial wins - you name it. 

In an ideal world, this is the only pillar we want to be judged on. But that's not this world; more likely, it's closer to one-third of the outcome. If you optimise solely for this pillar, you'll leave a lot of value on the table. 

This happens when (1) good results get little to no traction, (2) good things happen, but you don’t tell the market, or (3) you get traction, but it reverts quickly (and then it looks like a pump & dump).

Micro is all about you and is (mostly) within your control. This is how you run your business.


D2I Marketing is amazingly powerful and definitely the easiest way to influence your share price

Like all marketing, though, there is no silver bullet - only a lot of lead ones: brand building, communications strategy, communications frequency, reach, acquisition, retention, and growth. 

It is beautifully influential, and is why a mining company can hit NOTHING after a 50% run up on anticipation, and its share price stays miraculously flat, or why a company can run out of cash simply because their business was undervalued and they couldn't raise as a result.

You should not be listed if you’re not willing to market your business. Direct to investor marketing, like traditional marketing, is everything you do to promote, influence, drive awareness, and communicate your story to the market - with the goal of getting more people to buy more stock. 

The tangible results of this are better liquidity, a better-than-alternative share price, and access to more capital when you need it.

It is the only factor that is entirely within your control, and therefore, something every company should invest in.

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The D2I marketing flywheel.

The more you practice D2I marketing, the better it gets.


D2I marketing amplifies the reach of your IR by up to 800%, bringing more eyeballs to your company and newsflow.


D2I marketing increases the level of engagement of both prospective and current shareholders, thus increasing their conviction in your company.


D2I marketing allows companies to adopt a data-driven approach to shareholder conversion. By owning the investor relationship, you can see the impact of newsflow and interactions on shareholder behaviour.


Leverage data and insights from communications, engagement, and trading behaviour to optimise newsflow and your IR spend and strategy.

The direct-to-investor marketing flywheel.

The direct-to-investor marketing flywheel explains, in detail, how investing in each step leads to greater reach, greater engagement, and stickier shareholders. 

  • By investing in strategies that attract, engage and convert your investors, you can apply forces to build momentum in your flywheel.

  • By investing in strategies that optimise your direct-to-investor marketing, you can remove frictions that slow down your flywheel.
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For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way. I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs

Measurable impact.

InvestorHub has fitted perfectly into how we operate as IR professionals and has unlocked a whole range of efficiencies along the way. We now spend less time cobbling together various solutions, reach more investors, and have an easy way to measure our impact.
Harbury Advisors

Optimised engagement.

InvestorHub is our most efficient tool that optimises the way we engage all our shareholders. The platform alerted us to a downgrading shareholder, which enabled us to reach out directly and have a conversation. As a result, that investor stopped selling and resumed buying into our company.
David PrenticeMD @ ASX:BRK
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