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Reach 700% more investor leads by distributing through email.

Struggling to reach prospective investors? Here's some helpful advice: the solution may be right at your fingertips. In the fast-paced world of public companies, distributing your announcements via email has a direct and significant impact, engaging 700% more investor leads than traditional channels.

Emails, you might think, are just digital letters. But here's an engaging fact: using email to distribute every announcement, regardless of size, creates a ripple effect that drastically expands your investor reach and boosts engagement.

But how does this work? Think of your shareholder registry and investor lead community. They're not just lists but potential goldmines of engagement. By crafting targeted email campaigns, issuers can tap into these resources, resulting in superior engagement rates. It's like holding an engaging conversation directly in your investors' inboxes.

Let's break down the barriers. Abandon complex jargon and adopt a more conversational tone. Speak to your clients as equals, fostering camaraderie and inviting dialogue. And remember, authenticity and simplicity are key to establishing trust and understanding.

So, are you ready to revolutionise your investor engagement? Distribute your announcements via email. It's a clear, effective and direct way of reaching out to a larger investor base. The power of email can help you ignite interest, and create strong investor relationships.

Embrace the change. Harness the power of email. Reach out and connect with your investors in a way they can't ignore. That's the future of investor engagement.

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