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InvestorHub receives endorsement from the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA)

InvestorHub receives endorsement from the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA)

In a significant development for corporate communications, InvestorHub, a leading platform dedicated to enhancing shareholder interactions, has received an endorsement from the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA). This endorsement marks a milestone in the platform's commitment to improving engagement between public companies and shareholders.

The ASA, known for its role as an independent voice advocating for shareholder interests in Australia, praised InvestorHub for its innovative approach to corporate communications. "As the leading independent voice for shareholders across Australia, the Australian Shareholders Association (ASA) is dedicated to enhancing shareholder engagement and governance within companies. We believe communications solutions such as InvestorHub present an effective tool for public companies, streamlining the process of engagement and deepening their shareholder relationships and thereby elevating communications outcomes," the ASA stated.

Reacting to the endorsement, Ben Williamson, CEO of InvestorHub, emphasised the importance of improving communication channels between companies and their shareholders. "The problem is that companies have a direct relationship with institutions, an indirect relationship with retail," Williamson explained. He further noted that InvestorHub's platform aims to help companies bridge this gap, ensuring that public companies can use the direct-to-investor (D2I) marketing platform to engage with all shareholders, regardless of their size, via direct and measurable communication.

This endorsement from the ASA further supports InvestorHub's credibility as a platform that provides public companies and investor relations teams with a more transparent and engaging way to communicate with and understand investors.

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