Unlock retail &
high net worth capital

For the majority of listed companies, raising capital from institutions is impossible. InvestorHub makes unlocking and raising capital from non-institutional investors simple and predictable.

First, a bit of setup.
(With a lot of support)

  • ▲ Turn on your interactive hub.Your dedicated Client Success Manager will guide you through the setup of your interactive investor hub. Hubs are proven to be more effective at attracting and engaging retail investors and include features such as video summaries of announcements, interactive Q&A functionality, and investor accounts. Learn more.
  • ▲ Integrate with your registry. InvestorHub integrates with your registry to connect your hub to your shareholder data. This makes it easy to track shareholder movement, analyse your registry, and measure the impact of investor campaigns on investor behaviour.
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Join the global revolution in capital.

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Helped us cover the shortfall.

We had a shortfall. On InvestorHub, I'd had many people sign up as s708 sophisticated investors - a register of all this in anticipation of new capital raising. And when we had that shortfall, we were able to place a balance of the shortfall by using the contacts that we'd built up from InvestorHub
Martin SteinCFO @ ASX:ATC

Pretty bloody easy.

InvestorHub make this pretty bloody easy to do, not just their platform, but the skills and willingness of their team who really lean-in to help.
John RaymentCEO @ ASX:ID8

Enables us to connect.

InvestorHub provides prompt analysis of share transaction history, enables us to connect with our shareholders in an informed way, and has opened up an avenue to exchange ideas and communicate with our shareholders.
Paul BibbyMD @ ASX:AKO

Five steps to raising capital from retail and private investors with InvestorHub.

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Easily measure your retail demand.

InvestorHub provides a running analysis of your existing shareholder demand, giving you an accurate picture of your raise potential.

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Grow your demand on autopilot.

With InvestorHub, your chairman’s list grows itself. Simply upload your existing list and use InvestorHub’s automatic high-net-worth identifier to add verified sophisticated investors to your chairman’s list.

Learn more
“Where CFOs have Xero, advisors like me have InvestorHub. The investor analytics and communications tools on InvestorHub have proven incredibly valuable to me as an advisor."
David BatistaSenior MD of VIRIATHUS
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Book a discovery call or demo with InvestorHub today.

"InvestorHub has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them.”
Mike Jones, CEO @ ASX:IPT
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Grow your retail demand.

With InvestorHub, your chairman’s list grows itself. Simply upload your existing list and use InvestorHub’s automatic high-net-worth identifier to add verified sophisticated investors to your chairman’s list.

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Build belief amongst individual investors.

Give every investor a top 20 experience with investor campaigns. InvestorHub makes it easy to send targeted and personalised campaigns to current and prospective chairman’s list investors.

Learn more
“Especially for fast growing companies, it's important to build a community of investors who not only care, but also understand the technical aspect of the business and how the company is going to win.

InvestorHub gives us a platform so that we can pass out information and attract people in, in for that purpose.”
Don SmithMD @ ASX:TEM
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Build high value relationships at-scale.

InvestorHub’s impact is measurable where it matters. Watch your retail capital demand forecasts grow as you deliver a top-20 experience to every investor.

Learn more
"InvestorHub has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them.”
Mike JonesMD @ ASX:IPT
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Raise capital from investors, not traders.

InvestorHub’s retail raise services provides you with high quality support when running a placement or shareholder offer. With a digital-first bid and allocation experience and access to a pool of 1,200+ sophisticated investors, InvestorHub makes capital cheaper, stickier, and less stressful.

Learn more
“InvestorHub gave us a deeper understanding of our shareholder base at scale and was able to show us, through data and evidence, that we could raise the required funds solely through a shareholder offer. Their technology made it easier to communicate with our shareholders en masse, answering their questions as well as optimising allocations as the result of oversubscriptions.”
Daniel TillettCEO @ ASX:RAC
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How listed companies use interactive investor hubs to raise capital and engage retail.

Want to learn more?

Download the InvestorHub playbook to raising capital from retail and high net worth investors.

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Get started with InvestorHub

Take the first step towards raising capital from retail.

Book a discovery call with our team. No pressure, no hard sell, just a friendly conversation about how InvestorHub can make your capital raises stress-free and efficient.

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