More investors
in less time.

Did you know that on average, companies using InvestorHub see a remarkable 33% increase in new shareholder acquisition? By investing just one hour a week, you can significantly increase your shareholder base.

First, a bit of setup.
(With a lot of support)

  • ▲ Turn on your interactive hub.Your dedicated Client Success Manager will guide you through the setup of your interactive investor hub. Hubs are proven to be more effective at attracting and engaging retail investors and include features such as video summaries of announcements, interactive Q&A functionality, and investor accounts. Learn more.
  • ▲ Integrate with your registry. InvestorHub integrates with your registry to connect your hub to your shareholder data. This makes it easy to track shareholder movement, analyse your registry, and measure the impact of investor campaigns on investor behaviour.
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Trusted to support over 9 billion dollars in market capitalisation.

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Easy and intuitive.

We're enjoying the functionality and form of the product, it is easy and intuitive and I would recommend it to others without doubt.
James DurrantCEO @ ASX:REE

Allows us to maximise the impact.

InvestorHub allows us to maximise the impact of company news as investors don't always know where to look. We're very excited going forward to continue providing updates to our shareholders on the future and direction of the company and gathering feedback.
Brent HoffmanCFO @ ASX:TGM

Makes it easy to be world-class.

Where CFOs have Xero, advisors like me have InvestorHub. The investor analytics and communications tools on InvestorHub have proven incredibly valuable to me as an advisor.
David BatistaSenior MD @ VIRIATHUS

Four steps to acquiring individual investors with InvestorHub.

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Reach and engage more investors.

Double your investor reach with an interactive investor centre and save time engaging investors with InvestorHub's automation features.

  • The average InvestorHub announcement reaches 9.6x more individual investors.
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"InvestorHub allows us to maximise the impact of company news, as investors don't always know where to look.”
David PrenticeMD @ ASX:BRK
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Cut through the noise with targeted campaigns.

Use InvestorHub to access investor data, segment shareholders, and launch campaigns from one platform, saving time. Take control of your investor's journey, and direct them to your hub; our Client Success team will help optimise traffic with just a few tweaks.

  • Companies with an interactive investor hub convert an average of 8% of traffic into hub users with verified emails.
Learn more
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Book a discovery call or demo with InvestorHub today.

"InvestorHub has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them.”
Mike Jones, CEO @ ASX:IPT


Engage investors with controlled two-way conversations.

Gain a direct line of communication with individual investors via interactive investor questions. Control which questions are public and which are private.

  • For every public question asked on a hub, companies acquire an average of 6 investor leads.
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Convert visitors into
engaged shareholders.

Use enhanced registry data to send personalised campaigns that create a measurable impact on investor demand. Coupled with monthly impact reporting from your Client Success Manager, InvestorHub puts you in control.

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"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way.”
Iggy TanMD @ ASX:LU7 & Chair @ ASX:LU7
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Explore how listed companies have used InvestorHub to reach new individual investors.

10 ways to reach more new investors.

Download our playbook to maximise announcement reach, engage investor leads and acquire new shareholders.

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Get started with InvestorHub

Take the first step towards acquiring more shareholders.

Our discovery calls are all about getting to know your business. No hard sell, no jargon. Just a friendly chat about how we might be able to make your listed experience better.


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