June 2024

How N4 Pharma is maximising retail engagement with InvestorHub.

Discover how N4 Pharma's (LSE:N4P) CEO increased retail shareholder engagement by taking control of their investor journey with InvestorHub.

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Industry: Biotechnology
Headquarters: Derbyshire
Market cap: ~£2.35M

  • Problem.Traditional retail investor engagement methods, such as webinars, require investors to sign up in advance and attend live sessions. This limits accessibility and engagement, making it challenging for companies to connect with a broader investor base. Furthermore, these services typically own the investor data, making it difficult for companies to connect directly with investors.
  • Solution.N4 Pharma implemented investor Q&A opportunities and video recordings for all major presentations and news releases. These materials are made available asynchronously on their interactive investor hub, allowing investors to access information at their convenience.
  • Impact.By providing flexible and accessible engagement options, N4 Pharma has significantly improved investor communications, ensuring continuous and meaningful connection with shareholders and prospective investors. This approach has positioned N4 Pharma as a leader in investor engagement within the biotech sector.
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    Total questions.
    Unique investors reached.
    Shareholder Q&A videos.
    "By offering on-demand access to presentations and Q&As, we've made it easier for investors to stay informed and engaged with our progress. This has strengthened our relationships and built greater trust with our investor base."
    Nigel Theobald.jpeg
    Nigel TheobaldCEO @ LSE:N4P

    Retail investors drive engagement and growth.

    Most public companies primarily focus on their top shareholders, typically representing a small percentage of their total registry but owning a significant portion of the stock. While this has traditionally been an efficient way to manage investor relations, it overlooks the growing influence of retail investors who make up the majority of a public company's shareholder base.

    Biotech is a notoriously complex industry, often filled with intricate scientific details that can be difficult for the average investor to grasp. N4 Pharma distinguishes itself by 1) breaking down important news into more understandable language and 2) giving the opportunity for investors to submit questions before a presentation, ensuring retail investors fully comprehend the company's developments. This approach not only demystifies the biotech space but also makes N4 Pharma more appealing to a broader audience of investors.

    Public companies need an efficient way to deliver top-tier experiences to these investors without incurring excessive costs or time commitments from the leadership team.
    "Understanding the importance of retail investors, we decided to enhance our communication strategy. By offering detailed video summaries and interactive Q&As, we're able to engage a broader audience effectively. This approach has been crucial in maintaining investor confidence."
    Nigel Theobald.jpeg
    Nigel TheobaldCEO @ LSE:N4P

    Investor communications at scale.

    Here's how N4 Pharma, led by CEO Nigel, successfully transformed their investor communications strategy to ensure better engagement with all investors, particularly retail shareholders.

    Maximising conference engagement.

    Nigel maximises the value of investor conferences by sharing his intention to accommodate the news with a video in advance and repurposing presentation recordings accessible on the N4 Pharma investor hub.
    Maximise conference engagement.png

    Publicly answering investor questions.

    N4 Pharma scales investor communications by publicly answering investor questions. This practice allows all shareholders to benefit from the information shared during these interactions.
    Publicly answering investor questions.png

    Providing valuable context.

    Nigel consistently adds context to announcements through enhanced video and text summaries, ensuring investors fully understand the implications of company updates.
    Providing valuable context.png

    Tailored engagement via email.

    N4 Pharma leverages email campaigns to send tailored communications at scale, including recent announcements and follow-up emails for Hubinar attendees.
    Tailored engagement via email.png
    "InvestorHub has given us the tools to effectively engage with our investors at every stage of their journey. By maintaining frequent and proactive communication, we've been able to foster stronger relationships and build a more engaged and supportive shareholder base."
    Nigel Theobald.jpeg
    Nigel TheobaldCEO @ LSE:N4P

    How N4 Pharma leads in investor engagement.

    N4 Pharma's innovative approach to investor relations exemplifies how companies can adapt to the changing landscape of retail investor engagement. By making presentations and Q&As available asynchronously, they ensure that all investors, regardless of their schedules, can stay informed and engaged. This strategy not only enhances accessibility but also allows N4 Pharma to maintain control over their investor audience, fostering deeper and more meaningful relationships.

    LSE:N4P used these features to scale engagement.

    Interactive investor hub
    Automated announcement distribution
    Email campaigns
    Investor Q&As
    Interactive announcements
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