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The surprising power of small trades: the $4,000 forces driving ASX share prices.

The surprising power of small trades: the $4,850 forces driving global share prices.

Did you know the average trade value on the ASX and AIM is a mere $4,850? Yup, you read that right—four thousand, eight hundred and fifty dollars. For a marketplace that handles over 2 million trades every single day, that's a pretty modest sum. Yet, don't be fooled by its seemingly small impact. For most ASX & AIM companies, these $4,850 trades aren't just side notes; they're the conductor directing your share price symphony.

The small-big paradox.

In a world where 'bigger is better' often takes centre stage, the power of the small trade seems counterintuitive. But let's break down the numbers. With millions of trades executed daily on the ASX & AIM, the total trading volume is colossal. And when it comes to influencing share prices, it's this aggregated effect of many small trades that makes a whopping impact. It's the snowflakes that create the avalanche if you will.

The retail revolution.

These 'small-big' trades predominantly come from retail investors—your every day, often novice investors dabbling in the stock market. So, why should this matter to you? Because retail investors are becoming an increasingly vital part of the global ecosystem, and their trading behaviour is nothing like that of institutional investors. In fact, retail investors can account for up to 76% of a company's trading volume. Imagine the sway they can have over your share price!

The data deep dive.

Understanding the profile, behaviour, and preferences of these retail traders is crucial. Most public companies find themselves in a spot because their traditional investor relations (IR) methods don't cut it anymore. Look, sending out dense PDF reports isn't engaging. It's like showing up to a rock concert with a violin.

We at InvestorHub encourage companies to dive deep into the data, to get a granular look at the trades shaping your share price. Our all-in-one platform offers analytics and insights to help you understand your shareholder base, trading behaviour, and how best to engage with them. This isn't just vanity metrics; this is actionable intelligence.

Investor engagement, the new gold

So, what's the best way to make these small trades work in your favour? High-quality investor engagement. We're talking about authentic, transparent, and timely communications that resonate with your retail shareholders. Videos, infographics, easy-to-digest summaries—the kind of content that simplifies complex financial data and keeps your investors in the loop.

And let's not forget responsiveness. In a world where 53% of investor emails to companies go unanswered, there's a glaring gap in effective communication. It's high time to close this gap and foster a more engaged, more educated shareholder base. This not only instils confidence but can also act as a stabilising factor for your share price.

Take control with InvestorHub

By focusing on these $4,850 trades and the retail investors behind them, you're not just influencing single trades; you're shaping your entire investment narrative. This is where InvestorHub can make your life easier. From analytics to automation, we've got all the tools you need to take control of the retail investor. By understanding and leveraging them, you're not merely surviving the capital markets; you're mastering them.

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