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Fresh Amplify is rebranding to InvestorHub.

As of Monday 17th of April, Fresh Amplify will be known as InvestorHub.

Back when we were ‘Fresh Equities’, and after participating in more than 2,000 raises, we consistently observed a systematic problem in equity markets that acts as a brake on the growth of public companies: inefficient shareholder engagement.


To address that problem, we built Fresh Amplify, a product that makes it possible for companies to measurably grow their shareholder base and optimise their capital raise outcomes through better investor communications.


We call this approach to shareholder engagement “direct-to-investor (D2I) marketing”.


Within months of launching, Fresh Amplify had 30+ clients who on average, engaged up to 20x more investors than prior to using the product. For some companies, the number was as high as 50x.


Furthermore, the Fresh Amplify clients that raised capital were able to raise more money, at a lower discount, with lower fees, and from more existing shareholders than ever before.


Within months, we had validation: increased investor engagement leads to better capital-raise outcomes.


One problem persisted, though: our clients confused our listed capital raise platform, Fresh Equities, with our investor engagement platform, Fresh Amplify.


So in 2023, we’ve decided to create more space between the brands. Fresh Amplify is changing its name to InvestorHub.

Fresh Amplify is changing its name to InvestorHub


Why InvestorHub?


A core feature within our product, interactive investor hubs are a key driver of success for our clients. Investor hubs allow companies to reach more investors, increase engagement from existing and prospective shareholders, and convert more investor attention into demand.


When connected with a clients’ registry, interactive investor hubs are what allow companies to gain highly detailed insights into their shareholders.


When used as the hub for a capital raise, interactive investor hubs are what allow companies to lower the cost of capital.


InvestorHub makes sense. It’s the solution that bridges the gap between companies and investors.


What happened to Fresh Equities?

Fresh Equities remains a core part of our business, albeit with a new logo. As always, qualified investors can continue to use Equities to access listed company capital raises. InvestorHub clients can continue to leverage Equities to raise from our pool of 3,000+ sophisticated investors without the fee (the average saving is $61k per raise).

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