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Companies on InvestorHub acquire 33% more new shareholders.

The numbers are in: companies that use InvestorHub have been punching well above their weight. They're attracting new shareholders like bees to honey. In fact, they've experienced an average increase of 33% in new shareholders.

But let's paint a clearer picture: Imagine you're at a networking event, and you're looking to strike meaningful conversations. It's a bit of a challenge, isn't it? But what if you had a pocket guide that knew exactly what interests the people around you and gave you the best tips on how to engage with them? That's InvestorHub in a nutshell - it’s like having the perfect cheat sheet for investor marketing.

InvestorHub's success stems from a combination of user-friendly tools and helpful features, all designed with you, the modern public company executive, in mind. It's your trusty sidekick, always there to give you the edge in managing investor relations and growing your shareholder base.

Consider this: a third more shareholders could mean a third more SPP participants, a third more support for your share price, and a third more opportunities to drive your company to even greater heights.

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