Engage more investors with insights from your annual report.

As we enter annual report season, all eyes will be on you. Take advantage of the investor attention and craft a compelling company narrative that goes beyond just the numbers.


Using webinars to shape a narrative around annual reports.

Take advantage of your annual report to host a webinar that clarifies your strategy to investors and strengthen your relationships with investors at scale.

Announce and prepare.

Kick off the month by scheduling a webinar and invite investor questions via your investor hub. Highlight the webinar as an opportunity to engage with management directly.

Address investor questions.

Allocate time to formulate answers that do more than just inform based on incoming investor queries. Address investor concerns to build transparency and trust.

Share your recordings.

Make sure to record the webinar and once done make it available through your hub and distribute the link across your channels. This step ensures that your insights reach every investor.

Day-by-day instructions on how to roll this out to your hub.

If you are planning to host a webinar for your investors this May, follow this guideline to get started.

Day 1, part I.Prep an ASX release announcing a pre-recorded webinar scheduled to be posted on Day 14.
Day 1, part II.On the announcement, invite investors to post their questions on the hub and sign up to your hub to be notified when the webinar is live.
Day 10.Collate the questions and script your responses for the video.
Day 12.Record the video. Set aside enough time for a re-take if needed.
Day 14.Post your Hubinar to your hub as an Update, and distribute it to your mailing list as a Campaign.

Take the first step towards building your own investor marketing calendar.

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