Investor touchpoints.

An investor touchpoint refers to any interaction or action an investor can have with your company. These digital touchpoints play a pivotal role in nurturing investor leads and engaging your shareholder base to build demand.


Recognising investor touchpoints.

Most public companies are familiar with the one-off actions that capture investor attention (announcements, social media, investor forums) but don't continue into the next steps to nurture that attention into investor leads that eventually convert into shareholders.

Capturing investor attention is the first investor touchpoint but there's a whole funnel of strategic touchpoints you should be nudging your investors through and recognising these touchpoints is crucial for successful investor marketing and lead conversion. The majority of retail investors don't become shareholders after a single interaction.

1. An investor views a company announcement (+ intent).
2. An investor asks a question about the company on a third-party forum (+ intent).  
3. An investor visits the company's socials and engages with content (+ intent). 
4. An investor sends an email querying a project update (+ intent). 
5. An investor signs up for a company’s mailing list (+ intent).

These are all examples of how a touchpoint can start an investor's journey with the company. If you want to nurture that investor over time into a shareholder, that's where the power of digital infrastructure comes into play.
"InvestorHub is our most efficient tool that optimises the way we engage all our shareholders. The platform alerted us to a downgrading shareholder, which enabled us to reach out directly and have a conversation. As a result, that investor stopped selling and resumed buying into our company."
David PrenticeMD @ ASX:BRK

Evolving your investor touchpoints.

An investor touchpoint becomes strategic when you leverage the digital infrastructure that lets you observe meaningful interactions and derive strategic insights from that data to optimise each touchpoint.

With the right approach (and tools), public companies can convert their investor touchpoints into strategic interactions that enable them to observe meaningful investor actions and derive useful data insights to optimise future interactions. Structuring these touchpoints together into an effective 'funnel' that nurtures investors over time is how you transform a single investor interaction into a company journey that measures the ROI of your investor communications, acquires more shareholders and maximises on-market demand to support your share price.

Here's what your investor touchpoints could look like with investor marketing.

1. Investor views a company announcement (+ investor attention).

2. You add video and text summaries to provide additional context.
3. You provide them with a company platform to ask questions and raise concerns.

4. Investor reaches out with an email query (+ investor lead).
4. You collect their contact details for future communications.
5. You reach out with a personalised email campaign to share company news.

6. Investor opens a position in the company (+ new shareholder).


Don't worry, investor marketing does the work.

That example above where we chained those touchpoints into a strategic funnel might sound like a lot of work, but that's where investor marketing shines.

Investor marketing converts your investor touchpoints into a seamless top-20 experience that you can scale to your entire shareholder base, including the individual investors who affect your share price the most.

    Read our learnings from twelve months of investor marketing
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    Touchpoints in the investor marketing flywheel.

    Attraction touchpoints.

    These are investor touchpoints that focus on attracting investor attention and maximising the amount of investor leads. This is often where investors first find out about your company, so these touchpoints focus on uplifted company announcements and other forms of company newsflow. High-quality and high-frequency company newsflow is often the best way to start an investor's journey into becoming a shareholder.

    Engagement touchpoints.

    These are investor touchpoints that engage frequently with your investor leads and existing shareholders by establishing direct channels of communication (like email) and personalising your investor communications to target specific investor segments. Direct communication combined with personalised communication enables you to tailor your engagement and resonate more deeply with each segment.

    Conversion touchpoints.

    Did you know that having an investor email increases the likelihood of them participating in a shareholder offer by almost 300%? These touchpoints focus on providing access to your shareholders to participate in your capital raises and pinpointing the HNWs in your register to nurture into a Chairman's list when forecasting shareholder participation and raise potential.

    Optimisation touchpoints.

    Every touchpoint that you can measure gives you visibility and data on your investors and how they behave. Leveraging the learnings from your touchpoints across each stage of the investor marketing flywheel gives you a wealth of insights to optimise your investor communications going forward. That's how public companies improve their investor relations, with concrete data and proven learnings.

    Bridge the gap with retail and evolve your touchpoints.

    An understanding of your investor touchpoints gives you the power to take your investors on a structured journey that nurtures them over time into loyal and sticky shareholders. Take investor attention and convert it into on-market investor demand that supports your share price.

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    What investor touchpoints look like with InvestorHub.

    Attract more retail investors in less time.

    Double your investor reach with an interactive investor centre and save time engaging retail with InvestorHub's automation features.

    Reach more investors
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    Engage retail with ease.

    Access investor information, segment shareholders, and send targeted campaigns from a single platform. Bring retail shareholders to your interactive investor hub and convert an average of 8% of their traffic into investor leads.

    Engage more investors
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    Convert investor attention into demand.

    Measure your existing shareholder demand and forecast your raise potential with predictive raise analytics that account for your investor leads, existing shareholders and past capital raise performance.

    Create more on-market demand
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    Public companies trust us to help boost retail engagement.

    See what the leaders of public companies have to say about how their investor marketing strategies are going.

    Easy to use.

    For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way. I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs
    Iggy TanCEO @ ASX:ATC

    Measurable impact.

    InvestorHub has fitted perfectly into how we operate as IR professionals and has unlocked a whole range of efficiencies along the way. We now spend less time cobbling together various solutions, reach more investors, and have an easy way to measure our impact.
    Harbury Advisors

    Optimised engagement.

    InvestorHub is our most efficient tool that optimises the way we engage all our shareholders. The platform alerted us to a downgrading shareholder, which enabled us to reach out directly and have a conversation. As a result, that investor stopped selling and resumed buying into our company.
    David PrenticeMD @ ASX:BRK

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