Unlock hidden capital on your register with InvestorHub.

Identify and connect with the hidden high net worth shareholders on your register with InvestorHub.

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The value of hidden high net worth investors.

One of the features of InvestorHub's registry-integrated investor CRM is the ability to identify high net worth investors.

These investors are worth identifying because, if they participate in a capital raise, they contribute an average of $54,000.

Our tool identifies an average of 159 existing shareholders that display high net worth traits. Some are known to the companies already, but many are not, and can represent millions in latent capital.

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Learn how InvestorHubs's investor CRM helps companies identify high net worths in your register.

How to identify high net worth investors
with InvestorHub.

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Connect to Intelligence Hub.

We'll give you the instructions to give your registry to facilitate the connect, and then let us handle the rest.
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Let us analyse your data.

Our team of D2I marketing experts will dive into your data to identify the past and present high net worth investors.
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High net worth report.

We'll deliver you a high net worth report, helping you identify the hidden past and present HNWs on your register.


How ASX:REE saved ~$100k in broker fees.

Learn how RareX's CEO used InvestorHub's high net worth identification and engagement features to raise capital with 0% discount, minimal dilution, and less fees.

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"We had the confidence to run our own placement because we identified and engaged with our shareholders beforehand.

We didn't issue any broker options or market options and without the discount, that resulted in about 15% less dilution of the existing shareholders than would have been the case otherwise and saved us the best part of $100k worth of fees."
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James DurrantCEO @ ASX:REE
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Target high net worth investors with InvestorHub.

CoPilot.Work with your dedicated D2I marketing expert to connect with HNW shareholders.
Registry-integrated CRM."Always on" high net worth identification and monitoring via the investor CRM.
Investor verificiation.Make it easy for high net worth investors to verify their status and participate in raises.
Campaigns.Send targeted email and social media campaigns to high net worth investors.
Raise hub.Raise capital directly from investors without an intermediary. Read case study.
Board reporting.Give your board monthly updates on high net worth behaviour and engagement.

Public companies trust InvestorHub as their
D2I marketing platform.

Easy to use.

For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way. I am very impressed with the product and have recommended it to other CEOs

Measurable impact.

InvestorHub has fitted perfectly into how we operate as IR professionals and has unlocked a whole range of efficiencies along the way. We now spend less time cobbling together various solutions, reach more investors, and have an easy way to measure our impact.
Harbury Advisors

For all shareholders.

Using InvestorHub has enabled us to be able to reach out and ensure all shareholders are up to date with the company's activities and operations, and they have equal access to management to raise any concerns, questions and provide feedback.
Bahay OzakmakCEO @ ASX:PWN
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Identify all your high net worth investors for $400.

Beyond its top 20 shareholders, the average sub-$250m market cap company's shareholder base has an additional 68 high net worth investors in it. At $54k average value per investor, per placement, these investors represent millions in latent capital.

Find these hidden high net worth investors in your register with a high net worth investor report, exclusive to InvestorHub.


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