April 2024

How Ananda measured and optimised the ROI of their IR spend.

Learn how Ananda Developments (AQSE:ANA) measured the impact of their IR to optimise how they develop and own their investor relationships.

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Industry: Pharmaceuticals
Headquarters: London
Market cap: ~£7.18m

  • Problem.The leadership team are proactive with their investor communications but can't measure the ROI of their channels, content or tactics to build investor relationships.
  • Solution.With InvestorHub's engagement analytics features, the team measured the impact of their IR and optimised their communications strategy to take ownership of their investor relationships.
  • Impact.Ananda can calculate the effectiveness of their IR strategy and tactics, having reached over 1,000 unique investors in the first quarter of 2024, and over 80 signups to their interactive hub.
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Measured and optimised.
Unique investors visits.
Hub signups.
HNWs identified.
“InvestorHub is an incredibly efficient tool that is allowing us to adopt a data-driven approach to IR. I'd recommend it as an essential tool for every public company."
Jeremy Sturgess-SmithFinance Director @ AQSE:ANA

How effective is your investor relations?

Measuring the impact of your investor relations (IR) has always been difficult to quantify for public companies.

Public companies invest heavily in investor communications. Announcements, webinars, investor calls, roadshows and press releases are just a few examples of IR tactics that incur a significant cost for the business - often without a visible or transparent impact.

But how much return do these tactics actually generate? Are investors connecting with the company story? Are they learning anything about the leadership team? Has any investor conviction been built alongside a relationship?

These are the questions that should be considered to gauge just how effective your investor communication is and the return you're getting on your IR spend.
“It's incredibly difficult as a public company to consistently measure the impact of your investor communications when the tools you traditionally use are spread across several disparate platforms."
Jeremy Sturgess-SmithFinance Director @ AQSE:ANA

Measuring the impact of your IR with data.

Ananda Developments (AQSE:ANA) focuses on developing cannabinoid-based medicines to treat complex, chronic inflammatory pain conditions and delivering real-world health outcomes through the NHS.

They take that same level of care when engaging with their investors and the market to truly understand who their investor audience is and how they can reach them more effectively.

As an early adopter of InvestorHub and our Direct-to-Investor (D2I) Marketing methodology, they've demonstrated just how important it is to track and measure the impact of their various IR tactics for unprecedented visibility over the impact of their investor communications.

In 2024, Ananda utilised InvestorHub's UTM link tracking feature to analyse the impact of their various IR streams and messaging strategies on investor attention and conviction reflected in their unique investor views and hub signups.
"The integrated communications and analytics tools on InvestorHub has allowed us to take the guesswork out of IR. It feels like every week makes us more efficient and effective at market engagement.

The best thing about InvestorHub is that we own the channels, the message, and the investor relationships. All of this work is benefiting Ananda, not some third party, and that is creating a significant impact on our IR and capital markets strategies."
Jeremy Sturgess-SmithFinance Director @ AQSE:ANA

Track, optimise, track, optimise, repeat.

The leadership team at InvestorHub are frequent users of InvestorHub, and have turned their D2I marketing efforts into a competition.

Melissa Sturgess (CEO), Jeremy Sturgess-Smith (Finance Director) and Jack Morgan (Commercial Manager) all invest 45 minutes per week into promoting the company to the market while testing various messaging and distribution tactics.

To-date, this strategy has allowed them to rapidly measure and optimise their IR spend, improve their market-facing message, and identify their best channels and tactics to reach and engage with their investor audience.
“InvestorHub has given us the tools and data to empower us to rapidly improve our investor communications strategy. The best part about it is how efficient the whole process is - we're spending less time on IR these days whilst getting a quantifiably greater impact."
Jeremy Sturgess-SmithFinance Director @ AQSE:ANA

AQSE:ANA used these InvestorHub features to scale their direct-to-investor marketing:

Investor CRM
Interactive investor hub
Automated announcement distribution
Email campaigns
Investor Q&As
Interactive announcements

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