Why InvestorHub?

Capital markets have changed, the way public companies engage them have not. InvestorHub gives public companies the tools and data to engage the modern market effectively and efficiently.

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Unaffiliated third parties unfairly influence investor behaviour.

Ever wondered why a great announcement didn't make an impact? What about that time when your share price went on a run for no apparent reason?

It's because the vast majority of the market don't look at your statements, reports, website, or presentations.

Instead, they look at an analytics interpretation of your results, your trading data on a brokerage app, or read the opinion of an anonymous user on a forum.

Before InvestorHub


A comprehensive direct-to-investor platform.

InvestorHub gives public companies the tools to bypass the middlemen, making it possible for public companies to directly engage with investors at every stage of the journey.

"We believe communications solutions such as InvestorHub present an effective tool for public companies, streamlining the process of engagement and deepening their shareholder relationships and thereby elevating communications outcomes."
The Australian Shareholders Association


I'm busy. Will this make me busier?

InvestorHub gives you time back, thanks to a suite of automation and scheduling tools that create a measurable improvement in your investor demand in less time. Whether you're a small company doing your own IR or have a dedicated IR team, InvestorHub gives back time.

Does InvestorHub replace IR?

No. InvestorHub is a tool to help your IR strategy reach and engage more investors. The tool is very efficient and includes automation features, which means that executives, marketers, and IR managers spend less on investor communications as a result of using the product.

Retail and individual investors aren't important to us.

Individual investors are the greatest influence on your share price. They represent up to 76% of a company's trading volume and 80% of its registry, yet only buy less than $4k worth of stock on average. Even if your registry is predominantly held by insiders and top shareholders, it is retail that is controlling your share price. In short, if you want to grow your share price, you need to connect with individual shareholders.

We don't have the budget for IR.

InvestorHub makes it simple to understand the ROI of your IR spend. It also makes it easy to optimise the allocation of resources in order to achieve a measurable return on your investor communications.

Two-way conversations with investors are risky.

We agree, Q&As can be risky, which is why we give you control over their visibility. Companies can choose to have questions default to "private".
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Our discovery calls are all about learning more about your business. No hard sell, no jargon. Just a friendly chat about how we might be able to make your listed experience better.


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