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Own your investor relationships with InvestorHub.

Analyse, automate, and optimise your investor relationships with an all-in-one platform built specifically for public companies.

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When you own your relationships, great things happen.

More understanding.

Companies on InvestorHub have a greater understanding of their investors, including an enriched view of their registry data to include communications history, trading history, and investor sentiment.Learn More

Reach more investors.

Companies on InvestorHub can reach more investors, more efficiently. InvestorHub's interactive investor hub and smart campaign tools increase investor reach by an average of 800%.Learn More

Acquire more shareholders.

Attract up to 33% more new shareholders with intuitive communications tools, campaign automation, and tools that make it simple to measure marketing ROI.Learn More
"We have been impressed with the team and the product at InvestorHub, which is intuitive and integrates well with our existing systems. It also provides us with the right metrics and analytics to help us better target our investor communications - in my words, give the people more of what they want."
Jack MorganCommercial Manager @ AQSE:ANA


Unaffiliated third parties unfairly influence investor behaviour.

Ever wondered why a great announcement didn't make an impact? What about that time when your share price went on a run for no apparent reason?

It's because the vast majority of the market don't look at your statements, reports, website, or presentations.

Instead, they look at an analytics interpretation of your results, your trading data on a brokerage app, or read the opinion of an anonyumous user on a forum.

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A platform to directly engage investors at every stage of the journey.

InvestorHub gives public companies the tools to bypass the middlemen, making it possible for public companies to directly engage with investors at every stage of the journey.

Learn how
"For the first time, a platform has allowed me as CEO to interact, communicate and market to my own shareholders in a simple & easy to use way."
Iggy Tan.jpeg
Iggy TanMD @ ASX:ATC & FSE:A3Y
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Trusted by billions in shareholder value.

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For all shareholders.

Using InvestorHub has enabled us to be able to reach out and ensure all shareholders are up to date with the company's activities and operations, and they have equal access to management to raise any concerns, questions and provide feedback.
Bahay OzakmakCEO @ PWN

Allows us to maximise the impact.

InvestorHub allows us to maximise the impact of company news as investors don't always know where to look. We're very excited going forward to continue providing updates to our shareholders on the future and direction of the company and gathering feedback.
Brent HoffmanCFO @ TGM

Measurable impact for IR teams.

"InvestorHub has fitted perfectly into how we operate as IR professionals, and has unlocked a whole range of efficiencies along the way. We now spend less time cobbling together various solutions, reach more investors, and have an easy way to measure our impact."
Harbury AdvisorsIR Firm


Measurably better investor communication.

InvestorHub makes meaningful investor engagement incredibly efficient and measurably effective.

Experience a unified investor center that brings together all facets of your investor relations and shareholder communications into one place that measurably optimises investor demand.

Explore features
"We love InvestorHub at Impact Minerals. It has totally changed our understanding of our shareholder base and how we interact with them. And we’re only just getting started."
Mike JonesMD @ ASX:IPT
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Data, actionable insights, measurable impact.

Eliminate the uncertainty in cultivating shareholder relations with registry-integrated CRM and analytics.

From sending targeted investor campaigns to gaining deep insights into your shareholder base, InvestorHub's intuitive platform makes it easy to grasp the dynamics driving your share price.

Explore features
"We're enjoying the functionality and form of the product, it is easy and intuitive and I would recommend it to others without doubt."
james durrant.jpg
James DurrantCEO @ ASX:REE
Measurably better investor communication..png

Why InvestorHub?

Direct access to investors.

Communicate with the market and your shareholders without a middleman. InvestorHub is a platform that gives your team direct access to prospective and current investors.

Automated & scalable.

What if you could give every investor the same time and attention you'd give a top shareholder? Thanks to InvestorHub's automation features, it is now possible.

Better data & insights.

Take the guesswork out of investor relations with a fit-for-purpose investor CRM that gives more investor data and delivers regular shareholder insights.
"InvestorHub provides prompt analysis of share transaction history, enables us to connect with our shareholders in an informed way, and has opened up an avenue to communicate with our shareholders."
Paul Bibby.jpeg
Paul BibbyMD @ ASX:AKO
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Get started with InvestorHub

Book a discovery call with InvestorHub today.

Our discovery calls are all about learning more about your business. No hard sell, no jargon. Just a friendly chat about how we might be able to make your listed experience better.


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I'm busy. Will this make me busier?

InvestorHub gives you time back, thanks to a suite of automation and scheduling tools that create a measurable improvement in your investor demand in less time. Whether you're a small company doing your own IR or have a dedicated IR team, InvestorHub gives back time.

Does InvestorHub replace IR?

No. InvestorHub is a tool to help your IR strategy reach and engage more investors. The tool is very efficient and includes automation features, which means that executives, marketers, and IR managers spend less on investor communications as a result of using the product.

Retail and individual investors aren't important to us.

Individual investors are the greatest influence on your share price. They represent up to 76% of a company's trading volume and 80% of its registry, yet only buy less than $4k worth of stock on average. Even if your registry is predominantly held by insiders and top shareholders, it is retail that is controlling your share price. In short, if you want to grow your share price, you need to connect with individual shareholders.

We don't have the budget for IR.

InvestorHub makes it simple to understand the ROI of your IR spend. It also makes it easy to optimise the allocation of resources in order to achieve a measurable return on your investor communications.

Two-way conversations with investors are risky.

We agree, Q&As can be risky, which is why we give you control over their visibility. Companies can choose to have questions default to "private".
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