Boost investor confidence in the market with video.

It's time to kickoff the new financial year with a compelling story that attracts new investors and keeps existing shareholders engaged. Outline your plans for the year, what success looks like, and how it will affect them.


Steps to creating an effective company update video.

To start, prepare a clear list of the actions you plan for the next 12 months, prioritising them by importance and impact. Tailor your message for clarity—avoid jargon and keep it simple for shareholders and potential investors who may not be experts in your field.

Plan and prepare.

Outline your company’s key priorities for the year, focusing on what matters most. Clearly explain how these actions will impact shareholder value, using straightforward language.

Communicate impact.

Describe what your plans mean for shareholders. Whether it’s drilling results in exploration or clinical trial successes in biotech, connect the dots to show potential financial benefits.

Record and share.

Set up a clean background, use your webcam, and record your update. If you’re a Gold client, send the video to your Client Success Manager for editing and distribution.

Take the first step towards building your own investor marketing calendar.

Book a discovery call with InvestorHub today. No hard sell, no jargon, just a friendly chat about you, your company, and whether InvestorHub can help you reach your goals.


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